Roaches Up!

Reggae music has fed generations of musicians, singers and songwriters. One such birth from this is a pacific island band known as The Steppas , the name serves as a reminder to step and move forward. So step and come in. #roachesup

Hitz (Remix).jpg

Hitz Remix

by The Steppas

The Steppas collaborated with a bunch of different producers and artist and re-created the fan favorite hit "Hits aka Hits from the Bong".

Original Riddim was done by Hoku Aki of 19Mile Productions, Arranged by The Steppas.


Having different producers re-create this track i think was one of the greatest ideas we came up with. Its like keeping the song alive and most of it is full of talent from Hawaii which is why i love it more. -Star

Execpt Rick Haze (Florida)